International MaxxForce Diesel Tuning



Venom Diesel Performance is proud to now offer engine tuning services for the International Maxxforce line of diesel engines. Since 2012 when we first opened our doors, we have to provide nothing but the best, & not just because it’s what we wanted to offer, but because it is what our customers demanded! When our customer come to us, they need their vehicles up & running. A down truck, can’t pull a load & if you can’t pull a load, you don’t get paid!


We are the ONLY company that can offer our customers true OEM experience! What does this mean for you? It means our tuning is safe, reliable & most importantly it’s been proven to work in the real world. Our customers are reporting back anywhere from 1-3 MPG increase in fuel economy & improved power & throttle response, but what our customers love the most is the reduced maintenance & down time they’re seeing. Fleet customers are raving about how much they’re saving in maintenance cost alone!!

Available for Purchase TODAY

Please contact Gabriel @ 1-866-491-8092 or with any questions pertaining to this service. 


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